Florida State


Road Races

The Mens B race rolled out just after the Masters Men, no one will ever know why this was the chosen order, but that is cycling, you never know quite what you’ll get, but you can guarantee that somehow your field will be loads quicker than the one started in front of you. The field was small; a mere 15 riders took off on the soggy 70 degree Florida morning. Still, a nice change from the frozen conditions at Georgia Southern. Christian DiCenso and Nathaniel Rowe both hammered on the front from the start to drive the pace up and settle the group into a good rhythm. Sean Carroll soon realized how bad being out of shape really feels. Coming into the final sprint Christian lead Nathanial out, which unfortunately fell apart once the Auburn and Alabama riders who had marked the GT pair from the start of the race jostled the train out of position. Nathaniel gritted it to the line for a 3rd place finish after initiating the sprint too early, with Christian still nabbing 8th.

The Men’s C race was taken control of early by 3 racers, 2 of the Tech team (Philip Dewire and John Hooie). They were up the road in a three-man break with one other guy from FSU. They had a commanding minute gap on the field of around 60 riders coming through on the first lap around. The fun in the sun did not last forever as the rain started to pick up again and the break was caught with 2 miles to go in the race. The leading men then jumped back in with the peloton to dual it out for a sprint finish. Philip Dewire laid down some serious rubber for a 4th place finish. John Hooie, Chris Stout, and Chris Stuble finished just after him in a mass of riders.

The Mens A race was the last to set off, with Andrew Hodges in the mix for Tech. It quickly blew apart, with a large, strong lead group. There were a few chase groups throughout the race, but none strong or organized enough to catch back on to the breakaway group. Hodges came in strong with the main field for a top 20 finish in a very tough A’s race.

Time Trials

The team time trial (TTT) was the first to kick off. Chris Stout, Chris Stubel, John Hooie, and Sean Carroll represented Tech. The pace was high and the heavens were crying in pain. The rain made it hard to see up the road and caused some flats amongst other teams. Sean Carroll was quickly shelled and the remaining three hammered their way to the finish of the very quick 7 mile time trial.

The individual time trialists went off one at a time, Nathanial Rowe, Philip Dewire, Christian DiCenso, and Austin Isop all went off in the torrential downpour. Nathaniel won B’s and Philip Dewire took the victory for the C’s.



The Men’s C race was the first to set of in the crisp early morning. The Tech team set the pace for a large part of the race. Stout showed strong, coming out with 3rd place. Hooie, Stubel and Dewire came across in 4th, 7th and 8th, respectively.

The race officials wasted no time in starting the Men’s B crit. Sean Carroll got to the line to see everyone but his teammates. Rowe rolled up to the line at the exact instant that the gun went off to start the race, while Christian rolled up slightly later. Showing what was to come, Christian chased on to the group, then maintained speed and drove up the pace for the remainder of the race. Nathaniel relieved him a few times then sat in, only to chase down a one-man break with 2 laps to go. He passed the Auburn rider coming out of the finial turn and sprinted to take the win.

The Men’s A race started a little later in the afternoon and was full of strong riders. There were constant attacks from the start, which helped to keep the pace very high. Riders dropped left and right as the pace crept up. The peloton was soon gapped by a group of 8 who were able to hold their distance until the very end of the race. Hodges mounted an attempt to bridge, but the leaders threw in attack after attack to keep him back. Despite this massive expenditure of energy, Hodges came in with the main group and posted a decent finish.

It was a great weekend for Georgia Tech Cycling; we walked out with 3 1st place trophies and plenty more ribbons and podiums.


Georgia Southern

*Pictures to come! In the mean time check out the GT Cycling Club Facebook page for any pictures that have been posted www.facebook.com/gtcycling

To all those who raced this past weekend at Georgia Southern, congratulations! There were many podium finishes in all the racing throughout the weekend, including the women (which is new to GT Cycling in recent years). The racing was chilly and there was some rain, but the weather could not deter GT from representing.

*The full results can be found on the SECCC website as soon as they have them posted.

For Georgia Tech the results are as follows:


Mens A Road Race
Andrew Hodges 19th

Mens B Road Race
Nathaniel Rowe 2nd
Christian DiCenso 8th

Mens C Road Race
Philip Dewire 7th
John Hooie 8th
Chris Stubel 12th

Womens B Road Race
Stephanie Lin 4th

Mens B Individual Time Trial
Philip Dewire 1st
Nathanial Rowe 2nd

Womens B Individual Time Trial
Stephanie Lin 1st

Mens A Team Time Trial
GT 5th

Mens C Team Time Trial
GT 1st


Mens B Criterium
Nathanial Rowe 1st
Christian DiCenso 10th

Mens C Criterium
John Hooie 7th
Chris Stout 9th

Womens B Criterium
Stephanie Lin 3rd

Not to mention that Nathaniel Rowe is leading the Omnium Points. Good Job to everyone and good luck this coming weekend at FSU!

Pre-Season Shake Down

Hey guys, it has been awhile. For any of you still following postings on the website the wait is over, a new post has been added!!

Any of you stumbling across the site for the first time, welcome.

The season is about to get underway with only 3 weeks to go before the first official colligate race. The team will be holding a training camp the weekend before to get everyone into racing mode and to see where the hidden talent may lie this year.

With training in full swing and the team eager to see how the winter training has paid off, this practice race weekend is the perfect way to get this testosterone out of the system, as well as dial in the exact amount of EPO needed to get us through the weekend…only joking hmm hmm Lance Armstrong. [ED: EPO is bad.]

Thanks guys,
As always if you have questions feel free to contact the team via our email, join the google group, or Facebook page

What’s Up?

C'mere n' let Gran pinch your cheeks.

The site has been on hiatus for a bit, but hopefully you’ve been able to keep up with our updates through facebook and the google group (for you teammates, current and former).

It seems that we’ve been doing so much that we’ve barely had time to stop and write it down.

Here’s a rundown of our accomplishments this semester:

  • Acquired 25 members, 6 of which are freshmen (!)
  • Attended 5 of 7 mountain races
  • Had TWO riders (Lukas Grob and Joshua Longenecker) attend Collegiate Mountain Nationals out in Angel Fire, NM. Hell yeah guys!
  • Received a Specialized sponsorship with help from Outback Bikes
  • Got on board with Hincapie Sportswear for our next team kit order
  • Bought a new team trailer for races and travel
  • Re-drafted our team constitution (boring stuff, but important)
  • Secured a spot in the 2013 Road Season calendar for March 9th and 10th; planning for an on-campus crit. Get excited!

So that’s that.

This weekend we are headed out to the very first, inaugural, preliminary Winter Bike League ride in Athens, GA (DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT). The Winter Bike League, commonly referred to as “WBL” in some circles, is one of the greatest group rides in Georgia, bar none. It’s organized, it’s fun, it’s long and it’s got prizes. What’s not to like? It goes from the first weekend in December to the last in February; every time using a different route. This weekend, Saturday the 1st, will be an 80 mile “jaunt” around Hoschton and back to Athens (map). It’s a great time with some great people on some awesome country roads. Get yourself a taste of the real Georgia. Check out their website here (WARNING: Do not click if you have epilepsy).

That’s all I got, for now.

– Christian

Get Yer Swag: Kit Order 2012


We are offering first dibs at our officially unofficial kit with the year’s first (of two) orders. This time around, we’ll be offering many more pieces for your year-round wearing pleasure (or hopefully, painful discomfort). Remember, when in doubt, buy arm warmers.

Click the link below for the Google order form.

I don’t care if you don’t ride bikes. Everyone looks better in lycra.
GT Cycling 2012 Kit Order


Woohooo! Go Jackets!

When It Blows…Cumberland Classic

I’m not going to speak for anyone but myself, but I think I speak for everyone here when I say that this weekend was shockingly difficult. Like, more difficult than ending a phone conversation with your mother. Or more difficult than trying to explain to a clueless mainstream sports fan why you shave your legs.  Yeah. It was that hard. You feel me now?

The finish to the men's B race saw a thinned chase group sprinting for third.

So, right off the bat, everyone seemed to experience just how tough it was. (Again, I’m speaking for “everyone” here, but probably, really, just myself). Saturday’s road race started innocently enough. Neutral zone, chatting, laughs, but suddenly, it sped up. Quickly. Within the first ten miles of the men’s B race, there were at least 5 attacks. Also within that span, roughly a quarter of the field (and yours truly) got dropped. To quote a Brevard spectator, it was “soul crushing.” But as for the main groups, I’m sure they were slightly taken aback by the sheer number and intensity of the rolling hills of the course. This was definitely a course for the “power” rider, even the finish was an uphill sprint. Just watching the men’s A race finish, sent pain back into my sore legs.  Seeing others finish, I noticed there were many that had given up, gotten into small breakaways or had remained in small chase groups. The fracturing of groups that occurred was more reminiscent of a mountain course; it practically was! Cumberland really did craft a deceitful and menacingly difficult race. Bravo.

Two A riders sprint uphill to the finish.

Again, Sunday was another challenge. Waking up to an unusual 28 degrees – for this winter at least – knee warmers and gloves were at the ready. Arriving at the venue, LP field granted great views of the city skyline and a sweet backdrop for photos with the ominously towering bleachers in the background. I surmised that since we were so close to the water, there would probably be a lot of wind. Unfortunately, I was all too correct. The 6-turn course offered a lot of speedy cornering and accelerations, but the wind nearly pushed you backwards on the backside of the course though the chicane and then downhill towards the finishing straight. It was demoralizing even when riding in a group. Alone, it was “soul crushing.” Even still, a few strong riders were able to battle through the gales. For instance the men C’s saw Georgia Southern rider, Jeff Millich, solo to victory. In the men’s B race, a Brevard and Lees McRae rider finished with roughly half a lap on the pack. Women’s A’s was dominated by a strong Lees McRae group of 4. Those who had the power threshold really succeeded this weekend, while other riders were just unable to hold on. We saw many emerging stars in the peloton across the board. Keep an eye out for those winners as we get closer to conference. They’ll probably be good wheels to follow. I know I’ll need all the help I can get.

Christian and Jackson working together impeccably to catch the chase.

This article is also featured on CCN’s website here.

Cool New Things: Merch and the Seminole Classic

Contrary to last weekend’s spectacular attendance by Georgia Tech at UF, only 4 GT riders were able to attend this weekend in Monticello for the Florida State cycling hosted Seminole Classic, but what lacked in numbers was surely made up for in points, with riders placing top 10 in both mass start races on Saturday and Sunday.

Somewhat backwards, Saturday began with individual and team time trials preceding the road races. The Spanish moss on the trees of northern Florida donated a serene feeling to the otherwise brutal racing that followed. Tech fared well in its TTT, keeping all 4 riders at the finish (results pending; come on SECCC!). The C’s road race began at 11 am, with Joshua Longenecker and Ben McAdoo representing Tech in the moderately sized field. For both the second race of their careers, they placed well in 6th and 8th place (respectively) in the final bunched sprint of the 28 mile race. The Men’s B field saw Sean Carroll and Christian DiCenso pulling hard throughout the 40 miles of their race. With individual breakaways out front at the end, the bunched sprint competed for 4th place, with DiCenso clinching 8th.

Sunday, to the disdain of everyone, awoke with a nipple hardening 28 degrees. The criterium ran clockwise around a fast and technical course in beautiful and quaint downtown Monticello and featured 4 characteristic turns: 1) wide sweeper through the central town roundabout 2) sharp right hander with an inside curb into a fast downhill 3) uphill right hander with bumpy asphalt buckling (good for getting some air) 4) slow and tight right hander into finishing straight. The cold however, was the most influential factor. Nearly half the field of the C’s race dropped out from the chill or from falling off the pack. Longenecker and McAdoo fought through the challenging conditions, scoffing at those who had given in. Longenecker had a fantastic race, finishing 2nd to a Kings College rider after pulling hard in a small breakaway in the final lap. Warming, the Men’s B race was underway. For 45 minutes, the group remained mostly bunched, with only one to three man breakaways that were caught by the group. Lees-McRae attacked hard and often however, and on the final lap, their man was able to hold a small gap for first. DiCenso sprinted in front of the group, nabbing 4th out of a cold, snot-faced and tired field.

See more photos from the weekend at Joshua Longenecker Photography and the GT Cycling Facebook page.


UF Swamp Classic: Crits on Crits

This weekend, February 4th and 5th, saw a grand total of 11 Georgia Tech riders compete in Team Florida’s Swamp Classic. With the weather a balmy 75 degrees all weekend, it was hardly a struggle for anyone to get motivated and stay warm in the early mornings.

The golden Florida sun pours down on turns 1 & 2 of the Sunday Crit.

Saturday registration troubles aside, the Cat C Men’s race at the Gainesville Raceway (same location as last year’s rainy Sunday Crit) went off a little after 8:30am with all 8 C riders at the start, more or less ready to go. Lasting only 25 minutes, Georgia Tech was able to secure points in all three prime laps and a top finish by Joshua Longenecker in 5th place out of nearly 50 riders. Jack Heberton, Jackson Esoda and Sean Carroll represented in the Men’s B race, showing poise in the smaller but skilled pack. Jack Heberton worked hard midway through to get a 1st place prime and Jackson Esoda came through strong on the final lap to string out the pack in an effort to set up Jack for a finishing sprint. Final places will be updated as they come through.

Men's B Saturday Crit at The Gainesville Raceway

After a long break, the Team Time Trial began just before dark at 6pm on a 7 mile strip of road (originally set to be 10 miles) in front of the the Raceway. Tech entered 3 teams, with all 11 riders participating. Results still pending, we speculate that Tech’s C1 team (J. Longenecker, Nathaniel Rowe, Chris Stout, Ben McAdoo) beat out our B group (Jackson Esoda, Jack Heberton, Christian DiCenso, Sean Carroll) with a time around 16:20. Not cool guys. Team Hairy Legs (Andrew Gifford, Phillip Dewire, Conrad Lawson) went hard in their first ever road race, finishing strong with energy to spare.

Sunday, again, yielded wonderful weather for the second crit, located in the heart of downtown Gainesville. The course was a classic 4 corner criterium; last used in 2010, it featured a rough cobble section along turns 1 and 2, a long downhill straight into a big sweeping turn 3 and 4 with a sprint-worthy uphill finish. The Men’s C race was underway again at 8:30 am. Georgia Tech was able to nab points in two of the three primes, with Tech riders continually working the front of the large group. Riders Christian DiCenso and Joshua Longenecker were able to secure 5th and 6th place respectively in the end uphill sprint. With the weather warming up, the Men’s B race was underway. Sean Carroll grabbed a 1st place prime lap like he was getting paid and continued to work hard for sprinter Jack Heberton, who after J. Esoda’s scorching lap-and-a-half pull to string out the group, finished 3rd, edging out a Cumberland rider with ease.

Jack Heberton sprinting. Fastly.

Check out pictures from the Men’s B races here at Joshua Longenecker’s photography page and even more photos the GT Cycling Facebook.

Keep an eye on the website for results as they arrive later this week. They can also be found on SECCC.net

New Website!

With the start of the 2012 road season, Georgia Tech Cycling has unveiled it’s new homepage! Between our Facebook, our Google Group and this website, we will create a trifecta of information on all things Georgia Tech Cycling.

On Monday, the team headed over to Outback Bikes for pizza and socializing with the crew. With everyone full on Savage pizza, we bombarded the shelves for some after hours discounts. The occasion rose after reinvigorating our sponsorship this year, marking our 10th anniversary of their support. Outback Bikes is definitely one of the best shops in Atlanta, if you haven’t heard or been, check it out.

We went over pacelining at yesterday’s meeting. For those of you with Netflix, check out Hell on Wheels and keep and eye on Team Telecom’s dazzling display of tight team time trialing.

Overall, this season ahead is looking like it’s gonna be a good one. On Friday, we head down to Gainesville, Florida for Team Florida Cycling’s Swamp Classic. With a team of 11 riders this weekend, we hope to put up some numbers nice and early. Keep on the lookout!