Pre-Season Shake Down

Hey guys, it has been awhile. For any of you still following postings on the website the wait is over, a new post has been added!!

Any of you stumbling across the site for the first time, welcome.

The season is about to get underway with only 3 weeks to go before the first official colligate race. The team will be holding a training camp the weekend before to get everyone into racing mode and to see where the hidden talent may lie this year.

With training in full swing and the team eager to see how the winter training has paid off, this practice race weekend is the perfect way to get this testosterone out of the system, as well as dial in the exact amount of EPO needed to get us through the weekend…only joking hmm hmm Lance Armstrong. [ED: EPO is bad.]

Thanks guys,
As always if you have questions feel free to contact the team via our email, join the google group, or Facebook page


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