If you’re passionate, athletic, competitive, curious or just love bikes, we want you! With four different disciplines of racing year round, we’re always looking to add another member to our diverse group of riders. Who knows? Maybe you’ll just find your niche.

Race Team


From left to right:
Back row: Ellen Ray, Perrin Clavijo, Ben Milner, Joey Werble, Wes Crane, Aaron Highsmith, Hunter Brown, Paulo Lacombe, Alex Maeder, Jacob Payne, Michael Barman
Front row: April Gadbsy, Justin Mitchell, William Storrs, Ben Rothschild, Nunthadech Rodcheuy, Nick Padula, David Hernandez
Not pictured: Josh Smith, Emmett Kornfeld, Jack Breen, Andrew Stolorena, Haley Smith, Matei Dan, Ben Engwall, George P. Burdell

2017 – 2018 Officers

IMG_0020 Nick Padula
IMG_0038 Perrin Clavijo
Road Vice President
IMG_0057 Hunter Brown
MTB Vice President
IMG_0068 Jacob Payne Treasurer
IMG_0024 William Storrs
IMG_0054 Aaron Highsmith
New Rider/Recruitment Officer
Coach Barman Michael Barman
Road Coach
13434818_10206128237906772_7010209002782836211_n.jpg  Andrew Hammond

MTB Coach


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