Fat guy on a little bike

Mark Duckworth shredding the USC mountain course, circa 2004

As far as we know, the Georgia Tech Cycling Team was founded in 2001 by a couple of guys who liked bikes and are now 10th year grad students. Since then, we have grown into a larger group of riders who like bikes but like racing too.

The Team races in the Southeastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (SECCC) against a variety of collegiate teams and we have riders in all disciplines: track, road, mountain and ‘cross. We typically hold a mountain and road race each season and are always on the lookout to add new members to our roster.

Our main seasons are mountain in the fall, road in the spring and track in the summer. Mountain biking goes from August to October, with 6-8 weekend-long races. Road is from February to April, also 6-8 weekends of racing. Track is special for us, as we have the fantastic Dick Lane Velodrome right in our backyard in East Point. We compete there weekly on  and Wednesdays starting in April in preparation for collegiate track nationals in September.

Living in Atlanta and learning to be an engineer poses many challenges that get in the way of riding our bikes, but we somehow make it happen. We like to say that Georgia Tech Cycling is Training and Racing, ENGINEERED TO PERFECTION.

Go Jackets!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I don’t know how long it existed after I graduated in ’89, but we formed a GT Cycling Club in the late 80’s. I believe it became an officially recognized school club in the 1987-1988 school year. We had regular training rides from campus, and on most Saturdays would join a large group ride at Chastain Park. There were a few inter-collegiate meets, but must clubs in the SE area were pretty fledgeling at the time. If interested in a fuller history of organized cycling at GT, I could scan the pages from my yearbooks for pictures and membership info to include here.

  2. I am in the 9th grade and have been placing very well in the races that I have entered in cross country mountain biking. I am looking at colleges and options with my dad. I am interested in the cycling program you offer at GT. Could you fill me in on the details of your scholarship program for cycling? I also enjoy Classic soccer and cross country running.

    Thank you for your input.

    • As of now, the GT Cycling Team does not offer scholarships to come here and race. That is not to say you dont get a lot from the team, but we are unable to offer financial assistance to come to school. To my knowledge neither does soccer.

    • Michelle,

      Good meeting you tonight! We’d love to see some more pictures to update the “about” page with. 2004 is chump change compared to you guys!

      – Christian.

  3. My wife is a 1990 EE graduate and is recreational cyclist. Do you available for purchase any GT Cycling Club apparel and or other products?

  4. Does the GT Cycling Team sell any club jerseys or any other apparel? If so, how can I order them?
    Thank you for your attention and help.

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