GT Cycling at Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals

The team had a killer time at Nationals in Beech Mountain, NC this past weekend. With a cold snowy start to the weekend, it finally warmed up come Sunday in time for Lukas Grob, Joshua Longenecker and Namrita O’Dea to earn a 5th place medal in the Division 1 Team Relay! Namrita also placed 19thContinue reading “GT Cycling at Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals”

2013 Fall Kit Order

IT’S HERE!!! Our amazing designer Robert Roberts at Saucebox Finery overhauled the design for this iteration to stay true to our Tech roots and school colors while keeping our trademark pinstripes. These kits will stay Forever Bold in White and Gold, and look great with any pair of generic black bibs you might have lying around,Continue reading “2013 Fall Kit Order”

Georgia Tech is out for the victory

It’s the eve of our first outing of 2013 on The Flats, and RATS, it’s time to brush up on your fight songs. If you’re not getting dirty in Alabama tomorrow, then you’d better be singing your heart out in the stands! White and Gold Oh, well, it’s up with the white and gold, DownContinue reading “Georgia Tech is out for the victory”

Sponsor GT Cycling

Over the last year we’ve made some amazing progress. We’ve hired coach Mike Barman to train our team to victory. Not just a coach, but a mentor and motivator; he’s helped us organize, focus and become a team in a way I  never thought possible. We’ve held two successful collegiate races: our MTB race inContinue reading “Sponsor GT Cycling”

Pre-Season Shake Down

Hey guys, it has been awhile. For any of you still following postings on the website the wait is over, a new post has been added!! Any of you stumbling across the site for the first time, welcome. The season is about to get underway with only 3 weeks to go before the first officialContinue reading “Pre-Season Shake Down”

What’s Up?

The site has been on hiatus for a bit, but hopefully you’ve been able to keep up with our updates through facebook and the google group (for you teammates, current and former). It seems that we’ve been doing so much that we’ve barely had time to stop and write it down. Here’s a rundown ofContinue reading “What’s Up?”

Get Yer Swag: Kit Order 2012

We are offering first dibs at our officially unofficial kit with the year’s first (of two) orders. This time around, we’ll be offering many more pieces for your year-round wearing pleasure (or hopefully, painful discomfort). Remember, when in doubt, buy arm warmers. Click the link below for the Google order form. I don’t care ifContinue reading “Get Yer Swag: Kit Order 2012”