Sponsor GT Cycling

Over the last year we’ve made some amazing progress.

We’ve hired coach Mike Barman to train our team to victory. Not just a coach, but a mentor and motivator; he’s helped us organize, focus and become a team in a way I  never thought possible.

We’ve held two successful collegiate races: our MTB race in the fall and a completely new race, The Bobby Dodd Classic just this past March. It was a huge undertaking. It took months of planning, heartbreak and late nights. Several teams in the conference cancelled theirs. We didn’t. And it paid off.

We’ve formed a women’s team for the first time in the history of the club. Multiple women. At an engineering school. And its growing.

We’ve competed with Division 1 varsity teams and beat them, nearly swiping a 3rd place overall team finish from a varsity club with a full-time coach, a bus, trailers, scholarships and a course-load that allows much more free time. Next year it won’t be so easy.

We sent riders to mountain Nationals for the first time in five years. Five. Years.  Is that a hint towards change? You bet. Next year in 2014, we’ll be sending riders to road, track and mountain Nationals.

And that’s where we need your help. Next year, our goals are great and they’re attainable, but only with proper support. We’ve created a sponsor packet to show how you can get involved with the team and be part of something awesome. With you and us together, we can make Georgia Tech a southeastern cycling powerhouse.

GT Cycling Sponsor Packet
Click to view the 2013 Sponsor Packet

In Dodd we trust,

– Christian DiCenso, President


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