2014 Spring Kit Order

IT’S HERE AGAIN! Our amazing designer Robert Roberts at Saucebox Finery overhauled the design last fall to stay true to our Tech roots and school colors while keeping our trademark pinstripes. And now we’re offering them again! This time we’re partnering with sponsor Snyder Cycles for online ordering. You’ll be able to order and purchase all piecesContinue reading “2014 Spring Kit Order”

UF Swamp Classic: Crits on Crits

This weekend, February 4th and 5th, saw a grand total of 11 Georgia Tech riders compete in Team Florida’s Swamp Classic. With the weather a balmy 75 degrees all weekend, it was hardly a struggle for anyone to get motivated and stay warm in the early mornings. Saturday registration troubles aside, the Cat C Men’sContinue reading “UF Swamp Classic: Crits on Crits”