2014 Spring Kit Order

2014 Spring Kit Order


Our amazing designer Robert Roberts at Saucebox Finery overhauled the design last fall to stay true to our Tech roots and school colors while keeping our trademark pinstripes. And now we’re offering them again!

This time we’re partnering with sponsor Snyder Cycles for online ordering. You’ll be able to order and purchase all pieces on his website snydercycles.com

These kits will stay Forever Bold in White and Gold, and a jersey will look great with any pair of generic black bibs you might have lying around, but if you want to look pro, you gotta matchy matchy. Luckily we have a full compliment of accessories to help you out. Printed on top quality Hincapie Velocity line, these are sure to fit fantastically and will last for plenty of seasons to come.

Completely open to general public, but, ORDER CLOSES  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH. So hurry up. It shouldn’t take long for you to decide, because these kits are FLY.

Click photo above to go to order page.


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