New Website!

With the start of the 2012 road season, Georgia Tech Cycling has unveiled it’s new homepage! Between our Facebook, our Google Group and this website, we will create a trifecta of information on all things Georgia Tech Cycling.

On Monday, the team headed over to Outback Bikes for pizza and socializing with the crew. With everyone full on Savage pizza, we bombarded the shelves for some after hours discounts. The occasion rose after reinvigorating our sponsorship this year, marking our 10th anniversary of their support. Outback Bikes is definitely one of the best shops in Atlanta, if you haven’t heard or been, check it out.

We went over pacelining at yesterday’s meeting. For those of you with Netflix, check out Hell on Wheels and keep and eye on Team Telecom’s dazzling display of tight team time trialing.

Overall, this season ahead is looking like it’s gonna be a good one. On Friday, we head down to Gainesville, Florida for Team Florida Cycling’s Swamp Classic. With a team of 11 riders this weekend, we hope to put up some numbers nice and early. Keep on the lookout!


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