First week of school


The first day of class is less than two weeks away and we’re preparing vigorously to start the semester on a firm stroke (oh yes). The next few FASETs are the last chance to appeal to a captive audience of freshmen; after número 7, we have a full weekend of open racing at EAV and Grant Park, the last hurrah of the summer before mountain season is in full swing.

Our first meeting is on Monday the 19th at 8PM in CRC 249. This one’s for the curious and mildly interested, no cycling jargon here, just come and hang out. We’ll have a low key night with free pizza, conversation and lots of Q&A. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get a tap for the Cypress Street after-party. Maybe. But you gotta be cool.

That first week we’ll have easy rides everyday and then we head to the Dick Lane Velodrome on Saturday where we’ll be hosting our very first Collegiate Track Cup. It’s a perfect chance for any of you beginners to get a taste of racing AND get certified for the track, for only $30! It’s normally $60. The next day, for folks who like to get dirty, we’ll go up to the trails at Blanket’s Creek for a mountain bike skills camp with ORGT. This one’s completely free. And Monday we’ll have another meet n’ greet for all you bums that missed the last one.

It’s gonna be an action packed week, so hold off on that homework and skip the freshmen hall socials. You won’t want to miss this!

Check our calendar page to keep up to date with all our upcoming events.


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